Live Video Counselling

Live video counselling is online counselling where client and counsellor use a webcam to communicate, this can be via a pc/laptop or smart phone.

This counselling type comes closest to a face to face counselling experience. Live video counselling is the most state of the art online counselling medium available and means you can see and hear your counsellor from the privacy and convenience of your own home or office.
Since it is over the internet, counsellor and client do not need to be in the same town or even country. This means increased access to a counsellor. Counsellor and client work together to help the client resolve problems, as they would do with face to face counselling.
Online live video counselling will suit you if:

  • You would prefer to have a real conversation with your counsellor.
  • You are keen to see your counsellor.
  • You find it easier to express yourself verbally, rather than through the written word.

 It is easy to use and if needed we will send you a guide on how to use it.  Unlike other chat programs, only you and the counsellor can access the session.

How It Works

For Live Video counselling we use a chat and video conferencing programme for all communications. It is easy to use, although we will provide you with a guide if you need it.
There are many online video conferencing tools now and more and more people are using them.  For example facetime, Skype and now Zoom.   Our preferred one is Zoom don’t worry if you have never used it before it is really easy and we will send you a link in an email to click on and the chat then starts.  Zoom is more secure then the others,  if you do not have a pc/laptop you can always use your smart phone.   Furthermore you do not need to install the programme onto your computer.

Making A Booking

For Live Video counselling you will use the booking form to make an appointment at a time that suits you. You must register and pay for the session to confirm your booking. Sessions will last 1 hour. You can log in 15 minutes prior to your session if you wish but your session will not begin until the time you have booked.

What You Will Need – System Requirements

For Live Video Counselling:

  • A PC/Laptop or Smart phone

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