Youth & Children's Service

We adhere to the Governments National Framework  “Every Child Matters”

At its Ltd we strive to offer a safe space where children and  young people can explore their feelings  and  behaviour in order for  them to leave feeling positive  about themselves  and  able  to  deal  with  their behaviour in an   acceptable manor that works for them and the people around them..

We adhere to the Governments National Framework
“Every Child Matters”

  • Be healthy
  • Stay safe
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Achieve economic well—being

All  of  our  counsellors  are  Qualified, Insured, belong to appropriate  Professional bodies and are enhanced CRB checked, to ensure your child receives the best possible care


By face to face  counselling/ NLP,  Art and group work.

Our Counsellors  are experienced in working  with  children  and  young   people and have a number of skills they will use depending  on the individual needs of their client

We also offer group work to young people on varied topics.


Co-ordinates our youth service  –  Sue Sandeman MBACP

Sue is an experienced Counsellor and  Master NLP practitioner. Sue has a wealth of  experience working with young people who have challenging  behaviour.

In the past she has project managed education provisions for young people excluded from main stream school and has developed and delivered workshops on a number of subjects.

Sue believes that many of the young people, she works with have  often got lost, in this fast paced 24/7 world we now live in. So to give them a chance to stop and focus inwards, gives them an  opportunity  to see and think about the impact their behaviour is having on themselves. This is often the start of them gaining personal control and self respect, which needs to happen before they can start respecting their wider society, i.e. Family, school and the community they live in..

Sue currently works with several national youth projects in both the Statutory and  Voluntary Sectors. In her private practice here at  its she regularly sees clients, many of whom are adolescents and children.

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  • I’ve absolutely recommended Its Therapy to all my contacts.  I finally managed to break through what felt like years of darkness.  Thank you all for your help

    Mary Smith
  • When it comes to caring for my child’s developmental needs, I know that Its Therapy has only the best in mind for my daughter.  She has been helped immensly

    Robert Jones


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