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Independent Therapy Solutions exists to provide a range of high quality interventions to people and organisations experiencing emotional, psychological or behavioural difficulties to facilitate change and well being.

“Releasing the unique potential of the individual through non judgemental, self empowering support”

There are many different reasons for seeking help and we are producing a number of self-help, downloadable PDF files that are free to all.
Please feel free to take advantage of our free information service. You may find that these will be of sufficient help, however, a free one-time e-mail service is available. (Note, this is an information only service, and not counselling.)

We have a team of fully trained professional therapists available for online or telephone or face-to-face consultations



Psychotherapy is meant to provide you with a space; a place outside your day to day existence, where you can talk, observe, explore, figure things out, all with the help of an empathic and trained listener. Having this space to talk can go a long way towards helping you feel better. The effect of therapy can be profound. Being in therapy can lower your level of stress, it can give you more energy to make changes in your life, and it can increase your ability to cope with things that can't be changed. The basis to my approach is psychodynamic. What this means, in a nutshell, is that people have depth and symptoms have meaning. If you're feeling bad, there are reasons for it, some of which you're aware of, some not. One goal of therapy is to shed some light on all these reasons. It is easier to find your way along a lit path than to stumble about in the darkness. How do we translate this to online therapy? In moving to cyberspace, we've changed the surroundings and some of the arrangements, but the basic idea remains the same - a deep respect for the complexity and richness of human life. We are changing the type of room, but the content is still the same.

I believe that every problem should be approached with an open mind. You might find relief after just one e-mail, or after just a few sessions - and that's great! What I don't believe in is deciding in advance how many sessions you get, as you will find in some types of therapies. I also do not believe in 'fixing' people or 'correcting' your thinking. I try to help you find out what's best for you. I do give advice when I feel that's helpful and I do encourage people to take certain practical steps. But the goal is to help you find yourself, not to tell you what to do. I believe that to some degree we construct our own selves and the goal of therapy is to increase our freedom of choice, rather than to strive towards what someone else has defined as "normal" or "healthy".

Life is a process, with new situations and new difficulties emerging as we go along. Therapy can help us be more open to our own selves and learn how to deal with things differently than we are used to, hopefully - a little better than we had been. Ultimately, the goal is to live the best possible life one can live .