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Complementary Therapies



Is it safe to have complementary therapies during pregnancy?

  • Yes, but it is recommended that you avoid treatments during the first 12 weeks, when your body is adjusting to hormonal changes

Are complementary therapies suitable for children and the elderly?

  • Yes. Even newborn babies respond well to massage, reflexology and aromatherapy.

  • With young children and the elderly, a treatment is often shorter and pressure is lighter.

  • We assess each client individually to establish the right degree of treatment

Are complementary therapies suitable for people with a terminal illness?

Yes, they should not be used to replace conventional medicine, but to complement them

  • Reflexology can be extremely helpful in relaxing the client and helping them to cope with the emotional side of their illness as well assisting with pain relief.

  • Acupuncture: Fine needles are inserted into specific points on the body and manipulated in order to relieve pain and offer therapeutic benefits.

  • Homeopathy: Treatment consists of using substances that would produce symptoms in healthy people that mimic those experienced by the patient – but the serial dilution removes the toxic effects, leaving the body to heal.

  • Aromatherapy: Volatile plant oils, including essential oils, are inhaled in order to trigger a reaction in the brain as well as to get direct therapeutic benefits when the naturally occurring chemicals are inhaled into the lungs.

  • Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis is often utilised by patients who are trying to lose weight or quit smoking, but its ability to promote relaxation can make it useful for terminally ill patients looking to relieve some of their anxiety.

  • Massage: Applying pressure and manipulating soft tissues of the body can induce relaxation, alleviate anxiety and depression, and stimulate the lymphatic system in order to promote healing and overall improved health.

  • Reiki: The laying of hands is used to tap into the body’s life force energy, promoting relaxation and healing.

  • Manual Lymph drainage is an excellent way to reduce swelling associated with lymph-oedema.


How often should I have a treatment?

This will depend on many factors including how acute your condition is, your commitment to your well being and your financial situation (most therapists will offer a discount for block bookings)

If you have an acute condition, we would advise you to have your treatments as frequently as possible until your symptoms are alleviated, then revert to a more regular routine fortnightly, monthly or six weekly.

The ideal frequency of treatment will depend on the therapy in question and what your therapists recommends.

How does reflexology work?

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes on the feet and hands that correspond to all organs, glands and parts of the body. A Reflexologist uses his or her fingers and thumbs to stimulate these reflexes, promoting balance and relaxation, and improving circulation. For more information, see its main reflexology page. see its main reflexology page.

Is reflexology painful?

No - but it can be uncomfortable at times. If a reflex is out of balance or has an energy build-up, it might be tender and sore. Your Reflexologist will take time to work this reflex until it becomes normalised. The reflexology routine includes lots of very pleasant, relaxing techniques that far outweigh any discomfort!

Does reflexology tickle?

No, your therapist will use quite a firm pressure (approximately 9lb) to support and work on your feet. However if you are diabetic you may have extra sensitive feet, although diabetes is contra-indicated it does not mean you cannot have reflexology.

How do I know which therapist to choose?

You should seek a therapist who qualified, experienced, insured and a member of a recognised governing body. You should also ask for guidance from the Centre staff.

How much will a therapy session cost?

At Independent Therapy Solutions Ltd we like to keep our charges to a level that makes them accessible to all who need our help


Session length



60 mins


Hand Reflexology

30 minst


Indian Head Massage

40 mins



60 mins



60 mins from



60 mins


Hopi Ear Candles with Head Massage

60 mins


Sports Massage

60 mins


Swedish Massage from

30 mins


Prices were correct at time of going to press and may vary from those printed, please confirm price when booking.


How can I get further information?

For advice or to book an appointment, contact

  • 0800 298 7556
  • 01376 342446
  • Email us at    ''

If you have any specific questions not covered here or if you would like us to contact you please email using our contact us form


How can I buy gift vouchers?

I know it's often hard to decide on the perfect gift, so at its our 'Gift Scroll’s' make an ideal gift for Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, Anniversaries and many other special occasions. They can be personalised and colour co-ordinated.

Scrolls may be purchased for; part payments, single treatments or for courses of treatment from £10.00. Scrolls can be collected in person or sent by first class post. They can be posted to yourself for you to give in person, or we can post them direct to your recipient, there will be a small charge added for postage and packaging